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Meet Fairy Lotto your new best fairy friend in lotto and racing.

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Tailor your preferences to match your mood, wave your magic wand and let Fairy Lotto do the rest. Ask Fairy Lotto to find you selections for registered Australian lottery games and Australian and International horse races. Let the magic begin.

Buy Your Lotto Online

Meet Fairy Lotto your new best fairy friend in lotto and racing. 

Fairy Lotto

Fairy Lotto is a free, fun and customised app for lotto and horse racing. Use Fairy Lotto to help choose your lotto numbers and select your race horses.

Fairy Lotto has plenty of ‘magic’ to offer Lotteries players.

Program your wand with your lucky numbers, number types (odd or even numbers, curvy or pointy shaped numbers), and whether you would prefer numbers that are frequently drawn or due for a comeback. Then wave your phone like a magic wand to create your lotto numbers. It’s as easy as that!

Usually with lotto tickets, you have the option of either selecting all your own numbers or playing games filled completely with random numbers. Not with Fairy Lotto! Your Fairy Lotto lets you to combine random numbers with numbers that are special to you in the same game! A feature completely unique to Fairy Lotto.

You can control how many random numbers and how many tailored numbers you would like per game with the randomness toggle. You can have all random numbers, no random numbers, or anything in between.

Like any good BFF, Fairy Lotto will make a day at the races a better experience! Our Fairy to help choose your lucky horses, remind you when the race is about to start and even text you when your selection wins. It is the must have race day accessory.

Fairy Lotto makes selecting a horse as easy as waving a wand (or your phone). Simply download the app and set your wand by choosing the things that you find lucky, then wave it in any race to find the horse that is best for you.

You can scroll through the list of all horses in a race – and get all of the information you need to make an informed selection (recent form, barrier draw, jockey and trainer details, odds). Fairy Lotto is great for people who are new to racing, making it easy to be involved and simple to understand. For racing folk, your Fairy Lotto is like a black book for your lucky charms. For everyone, it is simply fun!

There is no right or wrong way to pick a winner of a horse race – sometimes all you need is a little luck (or a bit of fairy magic!)

Fairy Lotto operates under affiliate arrangements with licensed Australian operators UBET (for horse racing) and Oz Lotteries (for lotto).

Download Fairy Lotto for free today!