For those who will be celebrating your birthday on 1 November 2016, the same day that the Australia celebrates the race that stops the nation,  we have some hot tips from to help you program your Fairy Lotto and Racing magic wand.


Your lucky numbers based on your birthdate of 1 November are Number 1 and Number 3.  Go for the 3 if you want a number that symbolizes pleasure and happiness. Or, pick the 1 for a number that symbolizes independence, courage and unity.

Your lucky colours are Orange and Red. Among other things, orange symbolises wealth. (Well that’s appropriate!) And red signifies strength and excitement (…and anger, but we’ll ignore that on your birthday)

Apparently, if you have your birthday on 1 November, your lucky day is Tuesday. That’s really quite convenient on Cup Day too, don’t you think? tells us that:

“This day ruled by Mars is a day of physical activity that will keep you on your toes”

Our special birthday race day tip for you is… make sure you wear comfy heels!

Have a great birthday, from all at Fairy Lotto and Racing 

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