The good news is – there are no rules!

You can enter as many, or as few, selections as you like.

You can choose to make selections in one category, or many. Some categories limit you to choosing from one alternative – eg a boy horse or a girl horse. Other categories allow you choose as many options as you like – such as colours, numbers and letters.

You can change your wand preferences at any time, as often as you like, by clicking on the little wand on the top left hand side of the home page.

If you’ve entered your selections, waved your wand but are not liking the suggestion – go back into the wand selection generator by clicking on the wand icon on the home page – make some adjustments – and then navigate back to the race. The order will then update to reflect your new selections.

Case study:

Macy was on a rare day out and went to the races with her friends. Her lucky numbers were the ages of her 3 children and her anniversary date, her lucky letters were the first letters of her childrens’ and husband’s first names, colours were the family favourites, and she also liked the look of curvy numbers and long shots. They all went into the mixing bowl, and Fairy Lotto and Racing made suggestions in line with her family’s charms..

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