Three Queensland women who enjoy a day at the races have turned having a fun-flutter into a thriving business with the development of an innovative world-first betting app, BetFairy which chooses horses and lotto numbers based on an individual’s lucky charms.

Three friends, Kathryn Adams, Tara Ball from Brisbane and Gold Coaster Natalie Whimpey are seasonal racegoers more interested in the fun and fashion of a day at the races rather than spending time studying form guides.

From left: BetFairy Founders Tara Ball, Natalie Whimpey and Kathryn Adams

“We all know our way around a form guide, but don’t have time to research a form guide before a day at the races. We thought wouldn’t it be great if we could wave a magic wand that narrows the racing field according to a list of our lucky things,” said Kathryn Adams.

This conversation, during the 2015 Spring Race Carnival took about year to mature into the BetFairyapp – a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

BetFairy lets users turn their phone into a magic wand by programming their lucky things from particular numbers, letters of the alphabet, colours, star-signs and even the types of numbers like odd and even, to round numbers (like 3 and 8) or pointy numbers (like 1 and 7).

Unlike mystery-bets or quick picks the BetFairy app selects a horse based on personal lucky charms.

“Horse racing isn’t all about statistics and numbers – sometimes you need a little luck and in this time-pressed world, that’s where BetFairy is most magical, sorting through the field based on an individual’s lucky things,” said Kathryn.

She said there are many variables; there is no right way to pick a horse.

“There’s nothing wrong with picking Prince of Penzance because the letters P and Z are personal lucky charms or choosing a horse because the jockey is wearing blue and gold.”

Programming the BetFairy magic wand takes around 30 seconds. The user can then select a race and wave their phone like a magic wand to select a horse that matches their lucky preferences.

If they fancy popping a few dollars on their horse to win, they can do this through BetFairy’s wagering partner UBET.

The app is interactive and allows the user to change BetFairy’s selection. If they don’t like the look of their horse, they can review the field and change the selection to one based on intuition or more traditional information like odds, barrier, trainer, jockey and recent form and over-rule the lucky-horse selected by BetFairy.

BetFairy is different. Yes, it’s girly. No, it won’t guarantee a winner, but plenty of people are lucky enough to pick one. Most of all, it’s lots of fun and creates great conversation.”

BetFairy’s beauty is easy to use and it saves time so you can get on with the fun, fashions and friends of the race day.”

“It’s so frustrating when you miss a race because you’ve been caught up in conversation or in a line-up at the bar or restroom. The app will remind you when your race is going to start and will even text you if you win.”

Kathryn said BetFairy is breaking down some of the barriers of the male-dominated industry to make horse racing more welcoming and less intimidating.

“Race books, form statistics and betting websites can be confronting and intimidating to a novice once-or-twice-a-year punter, so BetFairy allows them to have a flutter without getting flustered,” said Kathryn.

In recent weeks, BetFairy has been upgraded. It is now the only app that lets you combine your lucky charms with random selections of numbers for every major Australian lottery like Powerball, Lotto and OzLotto.

The traditional way of selecting lotto numbers is either by purchasing a QuickPick of random numbers or completing a system entry by picking all of your own numbers.

Betfairy selects a combination of both random numbers and numbers matched to your lucky charms.

“For example in a lotto game, you can tell BetFairy to select three numbers based on your lucky charms and have the other three randomly selected. Your lucky numbers are then highlighted with a yellow star,” said Kathryn.

“Some days you just need a little luck and the best luck comes from simplicity, time savings and taking a fun approach.”

BetFairy is a free download from the App Store or Google Play.