This year, there are two potential runners who have two words in their names where both words start with the same letter. They are Cross Counter and Chestnut Coat.

Don’t you just love the alliteration? Alright…if you want to get technical “Ch” is a different sound to “C” but, you know – meh.

If you love to choose your lucky horse by using your lucky letters,  these kind of horses make it an easy decision of who to bet on!

But do they have any history of winning in the Melbourne Cup? The good news is YES!! See for yourself with these past winners of the Melbourne Cup:

2015       Prince of Penzance

1980       Beldale Ball

1964       Polo Prince

1950       Cosmic Court

1934       Peter  Pan

1932       Peter Pan

Ok, ok …so that is only 7 times out of 150 odd years but seriously, most horses only have one word in their name so its pretty logical that two word names don’t win as often. But even less two-word named horses have beautiful alliteration like the winners above.

If you need more of a reason to look at Cross Counter and Chestnut Coat in the Cup, then it might help to know that the letter C is pretty lucky in terms of past Cup Winners names.

10 previous winners have had words in their names beginning with the letter C.

C is the 10th luckiest letter of the alphabet when it comes to the Melbourne Cup.

At the time of writing – Cross Counter is currently sitting on odds of about $10.

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