How to play lotto in Australia

How did I pick numbers?

There are three ways to pick numbers:

  • Playing all random numbers (in the form of a ‘Quick Pick’ entry);
  • Playing all selected numbers as a System entry;
  • Playing a combination of random numbers and your favoured numbers, using Fairy Lotto’s patented Randomness Toggle and inputting some number characteristics that you would like to see in your lotto numbers (eg specific numbers, odd vs even, curvy vs pointy). 

Is there a way to get an edge?

Great care and expense goes in to making sure that all lotteries draws in Australia are properly regulated and beyond reproach.  In fact, you may have noticed the machines used in Australia’s lottery draws were changed in 2018 ( 

In short, the machines are expensive, highly sophisticated pieces of hardware that have undergone rigorous testing to make sure that each lotto draw produces a perfectly random set of numbers.

But as humans, we are masters of pattern detection and we can’t help but use our intuition to help influence which numbers we like to play.

One system preferred by many lotto players is selecting numbers that take account of numbers that appear frequently (‘hot numbers’), and numbers that haven’t been drawn for a while (‘cold numbers).  Using the free Fairy Lotto app, players can look for numbers that are ‘Frequently Drawn’ or ‘Due for a Comeback’ when setting wand preferences.

Some more sophisticated research has also been undertaken.  For example, a Brazilian mathematician – Renato Gianella – has developed a system which he claims identifies a predicted pattern of numbers as exhibited from 20 lotteries draws around the world.  Mr Gianella’s claim is that not all combinations of numbers have an equal chance of being drawn.  His research is focused on identifying numbers and number patterns that have a higher (or lower) frequency of being selected (

What are some other theories?

One factor often cited by lotteries researches is the propensity for humans to select similar patterns of numbers.  The larger the number of people that play the same sets of numbers, then the smaller the Division 1 prize will be as it needs to be shared amongst more people.

Some factors to consider when selecting your lotto numbers:

  1. A lot of people choose birthdays (meaning there is a concentration of numbers between 1 and 31 for players who have selected their own numbers).  Some internet wisdom suggests that players should ensure to select numbers across the whole spectrum of numbers to lessen the possibility of sharing division 1 with other players.  Of course, Quick Pick entries are more common than ‘user selected’ entries, so the significance of this revelation may be overstated.
  2. Every combination of numbers has the same probability of coming up than any other set of numbers.  That means, for example, that a draw which returned the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 would have the same chance of winning as 4, 15, 26, 29, 30 and 43.  Surprisingly, the number combination 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 is a common entry made by players.  In the Irish lottery, it has been suggested that some 500 people play this combination each week – meaning a $5,000,000 division 1 prize would equate to $10,000 each if the prize was shared between 500 players. 
  3. Keep in mind that some obvious number patterns – such as 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 – might also be played by more than 1 other player. 

For these reasons, there are benefits in playing lotto tickets comprised of wholly random numbers (to eradicate the possibility of any bias or pattern detection in the selection of numbers), or as a combination of random and favoured numbers.  The benefit of the second approach is you can have some influence over your number selections. 

To see your options, check out Fairy Lotto’s patented Randomness Toggle – which allows you to change the mix between favoured and random numbers, to whatever proportion you like.

So, where does this all leave us?

For those wanting to play lotto, the team at Fairy Lotto suggests the following:

  1. Minimise the cost of disappointment (and regret!) by having some influence over your lotto numbers.  By using the Fairy Lotto randomness toggle, you can make sure that one or more of your favoured numbers (or number types) appears in each lotto game. 
  2. When you buy a ticket, as well as going into the draw to win major prizes, you are also buying a ticket to dream.  For that reason, we never check our own lotto entries until the morning.  If you purchase your tickets via the Fairy Lotto app, you will receive an email in the morning to let you know if you have won a prize.
  3. Perhaps most importantly, for the larger draws, we suggest forming lotto teams with friends and family.  Let’s say the jackpot hits $80 million – easily enough to capture Australia’s attention.  But let’s say you win that – firstly, does anyone need that much money?  And secondly, it may not be a great experience if you need to keep knowledge of the win to yourself.  Get a group of friends, family or co-workers, purchase some entries via the free Fairy Lotto app, and then screenshot your ticket purchases to the group.  You can all agree to split the winnings if one of the entries comes up with the goods.

Please always gamble responsibly. 

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