You may not win division 1, so it is all about making full use of the experience.

Firstly, group some tickets together with your friends.  Screenshot your numbers to each other and team up to win.  This adds to your experience because:

  1. The best experiences in life are those which are shared with friends and family
  2. You get to have a binding experience with your peeps (and fantasize together about what your next moves might be)
  3. If you win, you get to win together and overcome the post-lottery blues that have impacted on a number of solo Division 1 winners.

Secondly, at bedtime, allow yourself to dream.  Your ticket is also a ticket to a great night’s sleep, falling asleep to the fantasy of being a lotto winner.  After all, it’s all about having a plan, just in case…!

With the free Fairy Lotto app, you can also minimise disappointment by:

  1. Playing entries featuring a blend of your favourite numbers and some randoms (using Fairy Lotto’s patented randomness toggle)
  2. Receiving notifications before any Australian lotteries draws that are above a certain threshold (eg $10 million)
  3. Purchasing tickets via the app for your favourite Australian lotteries draws, from anywhere in the world
  4. Never having to worry about a lost ticket again (and you will also get an email the morning after the draw to let you know if you won a prize).

Please always gamble responsibly. 

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