1. By using a blend of your favourite numbers with some random selections.  Fairy Lotto’s randomness toggle allows you to create a mix in whatever proportion you like.  You will never have to regret leaving out your favourite couple of numbers ever again!

2. By embracing the experience of having a lotto ticket.  A lotto ticket gives you a chance to win a prize. It is also a ticket to a great night’s sleep as you go to bed thinking about the possibility of winning that night’s draw.

3. By teaming up with friends and family to increase your chances of winning and to avoid the fate of solo lotto winners of the past see this example from news.com.au


At Fairy Lotto, we think that the best way to pick lotto numbers is using the free Fairy Lotto app – especially by playing around with the randomness toggle and by inputting some number preferences to tailor some lotto tickets best matched to you. 

Receive reminders for all draws that you are interested in knowing about (eg lotto draws above a certain jackpot level), purchase tickets via the app from anywhere in the world, and receive an email the next day to let you know when you won a prize.

Please always gamble responsibly. 

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